Harnessing Technology for Congenital and Structural Interventions Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of PICS!

MOnday, January 16, 2017

10:00AM-8:00PM   Poster Abstracts
Americana Foyer – Second Level


Morning Session

8:00AM-1:00PM   Moderators: Ziyad M Hijazi, John P. Cheatham
8:00-8:15AM   Welcome
    Ziyad M Hijazi
8:15-8:45AM   Keynote "TED-Style" Lecture
"From Septostomies to Stem Cells –
What the Next 50 Years Hold"
David Nykanen
8:50-10:30AM   Oral Abstract Presentations I
    Moderators: Michael de Moor, John Bass, Alex Javois
10:30-11:00AM   Break
11:00AM-1:00PM   Oral Abstract Presentations II
    Moderators: Levent Saltik, Redmond Burke, Larry Latson
Lunch Session
1:10-2:00PM     Taped Cases
    Moderators: Brent Gordon, Terry King
     1:10-1:25PM   Mayo Clinic – Allison Cabalka/Nathan Taggart
     1:25-1:40PM   Toronto – Mark Osten
     1:40-1:55PM   Stanford – Lynn Peng
Afternoon Session    


  Moderators: Thomas K Jones, William Hellenbrand
Session 1    
2:00-3:30PM   Stenting in the 21st Century – How Far Have We Come…and How Far We Have Yet to Go…
    Moderators: John Rhodes, Joaquim Miro
     2:00-2:10PM   Use of Registries to Examine Outcomes with Stenting
    Julie Vincent
     2:11-2:21PM   The Biomechanics of Stent Development
Shyam Sathanandam
     2:22-2:32PM   Neointimal Ingrowth – Can we predict and prevent this?
Felix Berger
     2:33-2:43PM   The Physiological Impacts of Stenting – Measuring Flow Dynamics
Aimee Armstrong
     2:44-2:54PM   Bioresorbable Technology Is Here but is it Enough for CHD Patients?
Dan Levi
     2:55-3:05PM   Stents and Tissue Engineering – Pie in the Sky or a Reality in the Next 20 Years?
Massimo Caputo
     3:05-3:30PM   Discussion
3:30-4:00PM   Break
Session 2    
4:00-5:30PM   FDA Town Hall and Device Development
    (Doug Villnave Session)
    Moderators: John Cheatham, Matt Gillespie, Nicole Ibrahim, Vasum Peiris
     4:00-4:10PM   Introduction
Al Tower Jr
     4:11-4:21PM   Devices we need – Developing a Bioresorbable Scaffold That Works For Our Population
Martin Bocks
     4:22-4:32PM   Devices Available Elsewhere – Challenges and Progress to Achieving Availability in the US?
Evan Zahn
     4:33-4:43PM   Device Development: Current Challenges and How to Overcome
Tom Forbes
     4:44-4:54PM   Early Feasibility Study Applicability to Pediatric Device Development
Nicole Ibrahim
     4:55-5:05PM   Device Approval in Different Continents – Can we work together to Streamline Broader Approval Guidelines ? – Experience from Japan
Teiji Akagi
     5:05-5:30PM   Round Table Discussion
6:00-8:00PM   Welcome Reception
Exhibit Hall