Thursday, September 6th


6:30am-6:00pm Registration
Convention Center Foyer 3rd Level
7:00am-8:15am Breakfast Available – Exhibit Hall 3rd Level
7:00am-5:00pm Poster Abstracts
Convention Center 3rd Level Foyer
7:00am-8:00am MODERATED Poster Abstracts
Convention Center 3rd Level Foyer
Moderators: Zahid Amin, Tom Forbes
8:00-8:15AM Welcome – Ziyad M. Hijazi
8:15-10:30am LIVE CASES – Doha, Sao Paulo, London
Moderators: Damien Kenny, Ziyad M Hijazi
Panelists: Carlos Zabal, Jou Kou Wang, BG Alekyan, Makram Ebeid, Alvaro Galindo, Francois Godart
10:30-10:45am Coffee Available – Exhibit Hall 3rd Level
10:45am-1:00pm LIVE CASES – Doha, Sao Paulo
Main Session – 3rd Level
Moderators: Thomas Jones, Mario Carminati
Panelists: Petru Liuba, Ozge Pamukcu, John Breinholt, Hide Hara
12:45-1:15pm Lunch Available – Exhibit Hall 3rd Level
1:10-2:00pm TAPED CASES
– Henri Justino & Athar Qureshi
Penn State
– Howard Weber
– Cliff Kavinsky & Joshua Murphy
Main Session – 3rd Level
Moderators: Nathan Taggart, Damien Kenny

SESSION 1 – The Native RVOT Symposium
Assessment and Treatment of the "Native" Right
Ventricular Outflow Tract: Times They Are A Changing

Moderators: Evan Zahn, Allison Cabalka, Emile Bacha

  Imaging, Assessment and Indications
  2:00-2:15pm Taped Case
John Cheatham
  2:15-2:30pm Echocardiographic Assessment of the RVOT: Gold Standard or Outdated
Craig Fleishman
  2:30-2:45pm Cardiac MRI-: Beyond Volumes and Regurgitant Fraction
Ruchi Garg
  2:45-3:00pm What Does CT Imaging and 3D Modeling Bring to the Table?
Shelby Kutty
  3:00-3:15pm Who Needs a Pulmonary Valve? Evolving Indications for PVR
Zahid Amin
  Treatment Options for the Native RVOT: Past, Present and Future
  3:15-3:30pm Newer Surgical Approaches to Primary Repair of ToF
Frank Hanley
  3:30-3:45pm What's the Best Surgical Approach for Dysfunctional RVOT After ToF Repair?
Emile Bacha
  3:45-4:00pm Coffee Break
  4:00-4:15pm The Growing Experience with Currently Approved Valves in the "Native" RVOT
Allison Cabalka
  4:15-4:30pm Creativity in Treating the Native RVOT: Russian Dolls, Hybrid and Beyond
Marc Gewillig
  4:30-4:45pm The Next Generation: Update on the Native RVOT Valve Trials
Evan Zahn
  4:45-5:00pm Where catheter-based Rx for RVOT is Going Next: Tissue Engineering and Beyond
Dan Levi
  5:00-5:30pm Debate – Surgical PVR is Time Tested and Superior to tPVR in this Population…Stop Wasting Our Time
    5:00-5:10pm Pro: Michel Ilbawi
    5:10-5:20pm Con: Matt Gillespie
    5:20-5:30pm Discussion
(Breakout) Room 301/302
  Moderators: Felix Berger, Julie Vincent
  2:00-2:12pm Covered Stenting for Sinus Venosus ASD's
Shakeel Qureshi
  2:13-2:25pm Optimal Approaches to Unzipping Small Diameter Stents
Howaida El-Said
  2:26-2:38pm New Options for Large Diameter Balloon Expandable Stents
Marc Gewillig
  2:39-2:51pm Newer Covered Stent Design and Application in CHD
Gregor Krings
  2:52-3:04pm Techniques to Reposition or Retrieve Malposed or Embolized PA Stents
Frank Ing
  3:05-3:17pm Stenting and MRI Guided Interventions – Will they ever be compatible?
Kanishka Ratnayaka
  3:18-3:30pm What is Needed in the Future
Felix Berger
  3:31-3:45pm Discussion/Questions
4:00-5:30pm SESSION 3 – Atrial Septal and Left Appedage Interventions (Breakout)
Moderators: John Carroll, YY Lam, Anthony Nobles
  4:00-4:12pm Present status of PFO Closure: Indications, Guidelines, and Unanswered Questions
John Carroll
  4:13-4:25pm Present Status of LAA Occlusion: Indications, Guidelines, and Unanswered Questions
Cliff Kavinsky
  4:26-4:38pm Preparing for PFO Closure: What imaging and other testing is needed?
Eric Horlick
  4:39-4:51pm Preparing for LAA Occlusion: What imaging and other testing is needed?
Mark Reisman
  4:52-5:04pm Performing PFO Closure: Routine and challenging cases:
Horst Sievert
  5:05-5:17pm Performing LAA Closure: Routine and Challenging cases:
Kevin Walsh
  5:18-5:30pm Interventions on the Atrial Septum in Heart Failure
  Joseph Vettukattil
2:00-3:30pm SESSION 4 – Breakout Room 304/305
Moderators: Sharon Cheatham & Karen Iacono
  2:00-2:12pm Navigating Social Media in Health Care
Gina Langlois
  2:13-2:25pm How to Design & Test Bioresorbable Stents for CHD in the Animal Lab
Emily Kish
  2:26-2:38pm Endocarditis of Bioprosethetic Valves: Surgical & Transcatheter
Doff McElhinney
  2:39-2:51pm Assessing the Surgically Repaired RVOT for Transcatheter Pulmonary Valve
Matt Gillespie
  2:52-3:04pm 3-D Printing for Education & Interventional Planning
Joe Graziano
  3:05-3:17pm Using 3-D Overlay for Intervention
Darren Berman
  3:18-3:30pm Accreditation for the Cardiac Catheterization Lab
Joanne Chisholm
4:00-5:30pm SESSION 5 – SESSION 5 – PICES Session (Breakout) Room 304/305
  "Innovation on the Fly"
  Moderators: Jeff Zampi, Sara Trucco, Shawn Batlivala, Mike Seckeler, Nathan Taggart
  4:00-4:15pm PICES Business Meeting
  4:15-4:30pm Varun Aggarwal - SVC syndrome: Venous Recanalization and "Train-Track" Technique for Venous Bifurcation
  4:30-4:45pm Neil Patel - Complex Norwood Stenting Case
  4:45-5:15pm Ziyad Hijazi - "Real-time Innovation in the Lab: Tips from a 'Master' Interventionalist"
  5:15-5:30 pm Questions/Discussion/Concluding Remarks
5:45pm PICS-AICS Achievement Award
  Main Session 3rd Level
6:00-7:30pm PediaVascular Supporting Device Development
The Shark Tank
Main Session – 3rd Level