Harnessing Technology for Congenital and Structural Interventions Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of PICS!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

6:00AM   PICS-AICS 5K Run
8:00AM-5:00PM   Poster Abstracts
Americana Foyer – Second Level
Morning Session    
8:00-8:15AM   Update on Live Cases 2015
Kiran Mallula

Live Cases: Saudi Arabia, Chile, Argentina
Moderators: Damien Kenny, Ziyad M Hijazi
Digital Moderators: Dan Gruenstein, Alex Javois
Panelists: Carlos Zabal, Jou Kou Wang, Makram Ebeid, Alvaro Galindo

10:30-10:45AM   Break
10:45-1:00PM   Live Cases: Saudi Arabia, Chile, Argentina
    Moderators: William Hellenbrand, Dan Levi
Digital Moderators: Gareth Morgan, Kanishka Ratnayaka
Panelists: Noa Holoschitz, Seong –Ho Kim, Petru Liuba, Tarek Momenah
Lunch Session    
  Taped Cases
    Moderators: Richard Ringel, Jacqueline Kreutzer
     1:10-1:25PM   Cincinnati – Bryan Goldstein
     1:25-1:40PM   Houston - Huie Lin and John Breinholt
     1:40-1:55PM   Israel - Elchanan Bruckheimer
Afternoon Session   Moderators: Ralf Holzer, Cliff Kavinsky


Session 3    
2:00-3:30PM   State of the Art - ASD Closure
Horst Sievert, Worakan Promphan
     2:00-2:10PM   Left Atrial Disengagement
Bharat Dalvi
     2:11-2:21PM   The Malaligned Atrial Septum –
Implications for Closure and Complications
David Balzer
     2:22-2:32PM   How Recent Erosion Data Has Changed My Practice
Zahid Amin
     2:33-2:43PM   Revisiting the Deficient IVC Rim Defect – Which defects should we attempt?
Masood Sadiq
     2:44-2:56PM   ASD Closure Exclusively with TEE –
Why and How?
Felix Berger
     2:57-3:09PM   ASD Closure in Children < 8Kgs – Indications and Techniques
Jeremy Asnes
     3:10-3:20PM   Transcatheter ASD Suture-mediated closure – Current Status and Future Challenges
Anthony Nobles
3:30-4:00PM   Break
Session 4    

Complex Structural Interventions
Moderators: Cliff Kavinsky, John Carroll, Hussam Suradi

    6 Case Presentations
     4:00-4:15PM   Allison Cabalka (Mitral Valve)
     4:15-4:30PM   Issam Moussa (TAVR with Close Coronaries)
     4:30-4:45PM   Roberto Cubeddu (TAVR – Valve-in-Valve)
     4:45-5:00PM   Reda Ibrahim (Tricuspid Valve)
     5:00-5:15PM   Michel Ilbawi (Hybrid Case)
     5:15-5:30PM   Mansour AlJufan (Pulmonic in Native Outflow)
     5:30-5:45PM   Discussion
Breakout Session #1    

Nursing and Associated Professionals
Moderators: Sharon Cheatham, Karen Iacono

    2:00-2:12PM   Electronic Updates from the Cath Lab
Karen Iacono
    2:13-2:25PM   Right Heart Cath Without Radiation
Ileen Cronin
    2:26-2:38PM   Assessing Coronaries in CHD
Katie Soule
    2:39-2:51PM   Managing PLE ... anything new?
Yoav Dori
    2:52-3:04PM   Mechanical Thrombectomy
Karen Iaconno
    3:05-3:17PM   Ambulatory Fontan Pressure Monitoring Using An Implantable Sensor
Darren Berman
    3:18-3:30PM   Transcatheter Innovations
Aimee Armstrong
    3:30-3:45PM   Discussion
Breakout Session #2    
2:00-3:30PM   PICES Session
    Moderators: Nathan Taggart, Matt Crystal
     2:00-2:10PM   Call to order, general welcome
Nathan Taggart, MD - President
     2:10-2:40PM   Program Development and Negotiation
Dr. David Nykanen
(20 min talk, 10 min discussion)
     2:40-2:55PM   Innovations in Pulmonary Vein Stenosis"
Dr. Ryan Callahan
(10 min talk, 5 min discussion)
     2:55-3:10PM   Research update (Jeffrey Zampi, MD VP - Research) + New/Old Business - PICES Executive Committee (Gareth Morgan, MD – Secretary; Matthew Crystal, MD – VP Clinical; Michael Seckeler, MD – Website Content Editor)
     3:10-3:30PM   Case Presentation (PICES Member Michael Hainstock, MD – interactive session of toughest/most challenging/craziest case)
Breakout Session  #3    
4:00-5:45PM   Advances in Imaging Modalities to Guide Interventions
    Moderators: Aimee Armstrong, Craig Fleishman
     4:00-4:10PM   Update on Fusion Imaging Modalities
Tom Fagan
    3-D Modeling Will Prove More Beneficial than Holography in Guiding Congenital Interventions in the next 10 Years
     4:11-4:21PM   Pro: Colin Mc Mahon
     4:22-4:32PM   Con: Elchanan Bruckheimer
    Widespread Use of MRI Guided Interventions is a Reality in the Next 20 Years
     4:35-4:45PM   Pro: Kanishka Ratnayaka
     4:46-4:56PM   Con: Dan Gruenstein
    Ultrasound for Vascular Access Should be the Gold Standard
     5:00-5:10PM   Pro: Chris Petit
     5:11-5:21PM   Con: Zahid Amin
     5:25-5:35PM   Percutaneous intervention of CASH: Alternative Non-fluoroscopic strategy (PAN procedure)
Xiangbin Pan
     5:35-5:45PM   Discussion
6:00-6:30PM   Light Dinner Buffet available for those attending the Evening Symposium
6:30-9:00PM   Evening Symposium:
The RVOT – Volumes, Clinical Trials and the Future