Welcome – Ziyad M. Hijazi

Update on Live Cases from 2014 – Kiran Mallula
Live Cases - Saudi, Brazil, Argentina
Moderators: Ziyad M. Hijzai, John Cheatham
Digital Moderators: Damien Kenny, Bryan Goldstein
Panelists: Carlos Zabal, Dan Gruenstein,Alex Javois, Seong-Ho Kim, Ali El-Halabi

Live Cases
 - Saudi, Brazil, Argentina
Moderators: John Carroll, Thomas Jones
Digital ModeratorsAlex Javios, Reda Ibrahim
Panelists: Francisco Garay, Thomas Fagan, Makram Ebeid, Roberto Cubeddu, Maiy El Sayed, Nguyen Lan Hieu

Taped Cases
Moderators: Dave Balzer, Aimee Armstrong
Brent Gordon
Bryan Goldstein
Jeremy Asnes

Congenital and Structural Interventions - What We Can Learn From Each Other
 John Carroll, Neil Wilson, Ziyad M. Hijazi
Imaging: Transesophageal Echocardiography -
What the Congenital Guys Showed Me - Rebecca Hahn
Technique: General Anesthesia, Blood Preservation, Hemostasis Devices, Transseptal Puncture, Dual Antiplatelet Therapy - Clifford Kavinsky
Physiology: Measuring Shunts, Flows, or Just Taking the Path of Least Resistance? When and Why Make the Effort? - Jamil Aboulhosn
Devices:  Necessity As the Mother of Invention, From PDA Devices to the Ventricular Septum, the Left Atrial Appendage and Paravalvar Leaks - Horst Sievert
Stents /Advanced Angioplasty:  Thanks for Showing Us the Way- Felix Berger
: Bonhoeffer to Cribier, Why Everyone Wins.  Our Shared Property Encourages Industry to Listen and Maintain R&D
- Thomas Jones

QA/QI and Accreditation for the Cath Lab
Moderators: Alex Javois, Larry Latson, Ralf Holzer
What is quality? Strategies for Quality Improvement and Assurance National and International (One Shoe Does Not Fit All) 
Ralf Holzer

Accreditation for Congenital Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories- Will it improve quality?
Larry Latson
IMPACT – We Are Listening!!  - Robert Vincent
C3PO – QI: Why Multi-center QI Initiatives Are Important  - Lisa Bergersen
QA in Developing Countries - How To Achieve High Quality With Limited Resources - Francisco Garay

Putting It Together Locally: Real Patient Impact of QA/QI - Andy Glatz


PICES Breakout
Moderators: Matthew Crystal, Jeff Delaney
Call To Order, General Welcome - Brent Gordon
Bringing Holographic Imaging From - Elchanan Bruckheimer
Tracheo-endobronchial Stenting - Gareth Morgan
Research Update, New/Old Business - Bryan Goldstein, Gareth Morgan, Matthew Crystal Case Presentation

Abstract Presentations -
ROOM 1 - Ironwood 7 & 8
Moderators: John Bass, Girish Shirali, Marco Papa

Abstract Presentations - ROOM 2 - Ironwood 2 & 3
Moderators: Teiji Akagi, Michael de Moor, JV De Giovanni

PICS Award


Special Lecture: Transcatheter ASD Closure – 40 years old! - Terry King
Live Cases (India, San Diego, Las Vegas)
Moderators: Giacomo Pongiglione, Erik Horlick, William Hellenbrand
Digital Moderators: Henri Justino, Dan Gruenstein
Panelists: Mazeni Alwi, Jacek Bialkowski, Sertac Cicek, Jackie Kreutzer, Levent Saltik

Live Cases 
(India, San Diego, Las Vegas)
Moderators: Shakeel Qureshi, Mario Carminati, Damien Kenny
Digital ModeratorsDan Levi, Lynn Peng
Panelists: Worakan Promphan, Kanishka Ratnayaka, Mark Reisman, Raul Rossi, Shyam Sathanandam  

Lunch Session - Taped Cases
Moderators: David Nykanen, Julie Vincent, John Cheatham
Mark Osten
Christopher Petit
Frank Ing

Joint Session with the Congenital Heart Surgeons – Building a Successful Hybrid Program – The Collaborative Approach
Michel Ilbawi, Damien Kenny
The Hybrid Approach to CHD – A Slow Starter or Passed its Prime:
The Interventionalists Viewpoint
: Dietmar Schranz
The Surgeons Viewpoint: Christopher Caldarone
Cardiopulmonary Bypass – Myths and Truths - Massimo Caputo
“I Just Don't Like the Hybrid Lab” – Lessons for the Future - Mark Galantowicz
No Way In – Hybrid Approaches to Access the Heart in Neonates with Critical Outflow Tract Obstruction - Darren Berman
Perventricular VSD Closure – Pushing the Boundary - Zahid Amin
Working Together – Are There Lessons to be Learnt From the Heart Team Concept in Structural Heart Disease? - Roberto Cubeddu
Exit Angiography – Is it worth the hassle? - Ralf Holzer
Discussion and Break

Pulmonary Valve Replacement – An Opportunity to Build
Interventional PerspectiveFrank Ing
Surgical Perspective:  Alistair Phillips

Cases and Discussion:
Carotid Cutdown for Ductal Stenting In A Neonate With Duct Dependent Circulation - Mazeni Alwi
Perventricular closure of Perimembranous Defects - Alexander Omelchenko
Hybrid Interventions on the Pulmonary Arteries – When Can We Stent and When Should We Patch - Sertac Cicek
Optimizing Decision Making in Planning a Hybrid Procedure - Julie Vincent

Debate: The Hybrid Approach to HLHS Should Remain on the Reserves Bench – A Data Driven Debate and Discussion
ProMichel Ilbawi
ConLee Benson

Innovations in Structural Heart Disease
: Robert March, Clifford Kavinsky, Ziyad M. Hijazi

Mitral Valve and the Left Atrial Appendage 
Anatomy Wet Lab Demonstrations – Mark Reisman
Approval of the WATCHMAN…Are there still unanswered questions? Zoltan Turi
Next Generation Devices….Will Another Device Achieve FDA Approval Within 10 years? Saibal Kar
The Changing Landscape of Percutaneous Mitral Valve Repair Horst Sievert
Percutaneous Mitral Valve Replacement: Where Will We Be In 5 Years? Matt Gillespie

Tricuspid Valve Disease

Anatomy Wet Lab Demonstrations – Mark Reisman
Case Presentation - John Carrol
Heterotopic Valve Replacement For Severe TR – Doomed To Fail or a Niche Market - Hans Figulla
Percutaneous Tricuspid Valve Repair for Chronic Tricuspid Regurgitation: The Mitralign Device - Scott Lim
Trans-Atrial Intrapericardial Tricuspid Annuloplasty  - Robert Lederman
The Current State of Valve-in-Valve Tricuspid Technology for Failed Bioprostheses - Doff McElhinney

Aortic Valve Disease
Anatomy Wet Lab Demonstrations – Mark Reisman
Case Presentation - Adam Greenbaum
Prevention Of Catastrophic Complications During TAVR Procedures - Robert March
Emerging Transcatheter Aortic Valve Technologies - Hans Figulla
TAVR for Aortic Regurgitation - Steve Bailey  
Predictors for Early Discharge after TAVR - Christian Spies

Patent Foramen Ovale/Paravalvular Leaks

Case Presentation - K. Sivakumar
FDA Approval: Is there Enough Evidence to Appeal for Limited Approval for PFO closure in High Risk Patient Subsets - Mark Reisman
Where Do We Stand With Percutaneous Treatment of Paravalvular Leaks - Zoltan Turi  


Nurse and Associated Professionals
Moderators: Sharon L. Cheatham, Mary Heitschmidt, Kathleen Nolan  
Quality and Safety in the Cath Lab
- Mary Heitschmidt
Simulation - Elaine Sigalet  
Transition From the Clinical Cath Lab to the Animal Lab - Jason Swinning
Electronic Updates to Families Directly from the Cath Lab & OR- Ashley Hodge
MRI Guided Transcatheter Therapy 
- Kanishka Ratnayaka  
Percutaneous transcatheter valve in valve replacement - Matt Gillespie
CT Surgeon's Role In Intervention in the Modern Day Cath lab- Mark Galantowicz
"Analyze This" – Interactive Session - Kathleen Nolan & Jason Swinning

Meet the Experts

Room 1 - Michael Tynan, Mario Carminati
Room 2 – Charles Mullins, Horacio Faella


Update on Clinical Trials
Marco Papa, Robert Lederman, Damien Kenny
Device Development and EFS – Meeting Physicians Halfway - Nicole Ibrahim
Atrial Decompression for Left Heart Failure - Hans Figulla
PARCS and COAST II – Close To Covered Stents In The US? - Richard Ringel

Occlusion Device Studies – Update
St Jude ASO – Zahid Amin
GSO – Scott Lim
NitOcclud – John Moore
Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion – Saibal Kar
MitraClip - Scott Lim
Medtronic Self-Expanding TPV - John Cheatham
Advanta V12 Covered Stent – Elchanan Bruckheimer

Congenital and Structural Interventions Over the Next 15 Years
Dan Levi, Damien Kenny
Keynote Lecture: Innovations at What Price…  - Sir Magdi Yacoub
Imaging and Interventions on the Lymphatic System In Complex CHD - Yoav Dori
Bioresorbable Stents and Occlusion Devices – Progress Over the Next 15 years - Dan Levi
Advances in Stem Cell Technology- How It Will Benefit Us - Massimo Caputo
Transcatheter Fontan Completion – Initial Experience and Future Advances - John Cheatham
Transcatheter Systemic-Pulmonary Shunt In PAH – Will It Catch On? - Dietmar ShranzTreating Heart Failure in the Cath Lab – Applications for Congenital Heart Patients - Thomas Jones
Holography – How it will shape Interventions in the next 15 yearsElchanan Bruckheimer

Paying Attention to Access – The Gateway to the Heart
Dan Gruenstein, Thomas Fagan, Thomas Jones
Percutaneous Carotid Access in Infants for Interventional Procedures - Christopher Petit Vessel Rehabilitation – Feasibility and Techniques - Frank Ing
Acute and Semi-acute Arterial Ischemia Post Catheterization - Etiological Factors and Protocols for Management - Howaida  El Said
Simple Modifications For Successful Fontan Fenestration - Dr. Sivakumar
Too Much Metal – Getting Around A Blockade In The Heart - Kevin Walsh Debate:

Interventional Procedures Pre and Post CPB – There Should Be No Time Limits On Either
ProDan Gruenstein
ConZahid Amin

Abstract Finals
Moderators: Michael de Moor, John Bass, Alex Javois

Current Controversies in Congenital Heart Interventions
Giacomo Pongiglione, Roberto Cubeddu , William Hellenbrand
Palliation In Newborns With Tetralogy of Fallot: Infundibular vs. Ductal Stenting - JV DeGiovanni
Complex Aortic Arch Narrowing: Stent vs. Surgical Treatment - David Nykanen
Transcatheter ASD Closure – The Risk of Erosion With Some Devices Is Just Too High?
ProJohn Rhodes
Con – Joaquim Miro
There is a Place for Transcatheter Closure of Perimembranous and Subarterial VSD's - Kevin Walsh
When Should We Close Aorto-pulmonary Collaterals In Patients With A Single Ventricle? 
- Mark Fogel

Update on Valve Interventions in Congenital Heart Disease
William Hellenbrand, Reda Ibrahim
The Melody Valve Reaches Adolescence. What Lessons Have We Learned and Where Do We Go From Here? 
- John Cheatham
Endocarditis – Is it Valve, Substrate or Operator Driven? - Julie Vincent
Update on Next Generation "Native" RVOT Valve Studies - Ziyad M. Hijazi
Transcatheter Valve-in-Valve Interventions, Beyond the RVOT: - Doff McElhinneyTranscatheter Aortic Valve Therapy, a Primer for the Congenital Interventional Cardiologist - Eric Horlick
Taped Case - Qi-Ling Cao
COMPASSION - The Story So Far and Next Steps- Damien Kenny

Spanish Breakout Session
Moderators: Horacio Faella and Raul Rossi
Is Fetal Pulmonary Valvulopasty Effective To Achieve A Biventricular Circulation After Birth?Simone Pedra
PA And IVS: Long-term Outcomes After Neonatal Transcatheter Management.- Francisco Garay
TOF With PA. Role Of Interventional Cardiology In The Current Era.- Jackie Kreutzer
Clinical Experience With Andrastents. Advantages And Pitfalls.- Jacek Bialkowski
Vascular Function After CoA Stenting.- Carlos Pedra
Erosions And Complications After ASD Closure. A LATAM Experience Beyond The ASO - Alejandro Peirone
Tips And Tricks To Close The Large PDA From Infancy To Adulthood.- Carlos Zabal
Spanish experience with Nit-Occlud for the closure of pmVSD - JL Zunzunegui


Live Cases
 (Columbus, Texas, Seattle)
ModeratorsCarlos Pedra, Ziyad M. Hijazi
Digital Moderators: Matt Gillespie, Michael de Moor
PanelistsMasood Sadiq, Tarek Momenah, Bryan Goldstein, Jou-Kou Wang, Hideshi Tomita, Jae Young Choi

New Interventions in the Extremely Premature Infant- The Next Frontier
ModeratorsNeil Wilson, Felix Berger, Evan Zahn
Cardiac Catheterization in Premature and Low Birth Weight Infants: Tips, Techniques, Complications and Results: Experiences to Date -
Lee Benson

A New Method for Transcatheter PDA Closure in Premature Infants Using Commercially Available Technology:
The Cedars Sinai ApproachEvan Zahn
The St Justine Approach – Joaquim Miro

Experience with Hybrid Treatment of HLHS in Low Birth weight Newborns - Alistair Phillips Imaging In Small Infants – Transthoracic Echocardiography Guided Interventions - Craig Fleishman
Transcatheter Treatment of the Atretic RVOT in Low Birth Weight Newborns
- Marc Gewillig When Things Go Awry…Cardiopulmonary Bypass Issues Specific to Premature and Low Birth Weight Newborns - Vince Olshove

Live Cases
 (Columbus, Seattle, Texas)
ModeratorsWilliam Hellenbrand, Ralf Holzer
Digital ModeratorsJulie Vincent, Shyam Sathanandam
PanelistsYun-Ching Fu, Wail Alkashkari, Thomas Doyle, Noa Holoshitz, Nathaniel Taggart

The Girls "vs" The Boys - Most Innovative Approach
ModeratorsCliff Kavinsky and Sharon Cheatham
Closing a Hole: Lynn Peng vs John Bass 
Opening a Stenosis: Howaida El Said vs David Balzer 
Replacing a Valve: Jackie Kreutzer vs Mario Carminati

My Nightmare in the Cath Lab
ModeratorsShakeel Qureshi, Neil Wilson

Battle of the Continents - Best Case and Who Knows the Most!
Moderator – Damien Kenny Each Continent Will Have 4 Competitors – One Case and GK Questions 
Europe Captain: Shakeel Qureshi 
North America Captain: Lee Benson
South America Captain: Carlos Pedra
Africa, Australia, and Asia Captain: Masood Sadiq 

Closing Remarks - Ziyad M. Hijaz