PICS-AICS Program 2019

8:00 – 8:15am Update on Live Cases 2018
8:15-10:30am LIVE CASES – Columbia (NY), Seattle, Cornell(NY)
10:15-10:45am Coffee Available
10:45am-1:00pm LIVE CASES – Columbia (NY), Seattle, Cornell (NY)
1:00-1:30pm Lunch Available – Exhibit Hall
1:15 – 1:55pm Taped Cases and New Interventions
1:15-1:30 Israel
1:35-1:50 Istanbul
2-3:30pm Pulmonary Artery Interventions in the Modern Era
  Main Session
          2:00-2:15 Taped Case
          2:16-2:28 Cutting Balloons, Ultra-High Pressure Dilation and Stenting –
  A Structured Approach
          2:29-2:41 Beyond the Proximal PAs:
  Interventional Strategies for Patients With Multiple Peripheral PA Stenosis
          2:42-2:54 Strategies for Complex PA Bifurcation Lesions Strategies for Complex PA Bifurcation Lesions
          2:55-3:07 When the Interventionalist is Not Enough:
  Hybrid PA Rehab and Surgical PA Interventions
          3:08-3:20 Procedural Success, and Medium/longterm outcome of PA Rehab:
  How do we know we are winning?
          3:20-3:30 Discussion
4-5:45pm Transcatheter Valve Replacement - New Strategies and Techniques – Main Session
          4:00-4:12 When I Should Have Used a Long Sheath to Implant a SAPIEN Valve in the Native RVOT
          4:13-4:25 When I Should Have Used A Pre-stent in the Native RVOT –
          4:26-4:38 5 Options for Transcatheter Tricuspid Valve Replacement and Why –
          4:39-4:51 Tips and Tricks for Successful Mitral Valve in Valve Therapy –
          4:52-5:04 Reintervention on the Melody in the Mitral Position in small Children
  Balloon Expandable Systems are Superior to Self-expanding Systems for the Native RVOT
          5:05-5:15 Pro:
          5:16-5:26 Con:
          5:30-5:45 Discussion
2:00-3:30pm Interventions in Heart Failure and PH -Breakout
          2:00-2:12 Reverse PA Banding – Who, Why and How:
          2:13-2:25 Monitoring Heart Failure in the Single Ventricle Patients
          2:26-2:38 Atrial Interventions for LA Hypertension in Children with Heart Failure
          2:39-2:51 Establishing ECMO in the Cath Lab
          2:52-3:07 Lymphatic Intervention - Taped Case – (Leuven)
          3:08-3:20 Impella in the Fontan – When and How
          3:20-3:30 Discussion
2-3:30pm PICES Breakout
3:30-4:00pm Coffee Available – Exhibit Hall
4-5:45pm LAA Appendage Session Breakout
          4:00-4:12 Anatomical Variants and Implications for Closure
          4:13-4:25 Patient Selection – Are the Indications too Rigid?
          4:26-4:38 Update on Trials
          4:39-4:51 Established and Evolving Devices
          4:52-5:04 Who should be doing these cases and why?
          5:05-5:20 Taped Case – Seattle
          5:20-5:30 Discussion
4:00-5:45pm Latin Session - Breakout