Pediatric and Adult Interventional Cardiac Symposium

(PICS & AICS 2015)


8:00-9:30AM   Update on Clinical Trials
    Moderators: Marco Papa, Robert Lederman, Damien Kenny
     8:00–8:10AM   Device Development and EFS – Meeting Physicians Halfway
Nicole Ibrahim
     8:10–8:20AM   Atrial Decompression for Left Heart Failure
Hans Figulla
     8:20–8:30AM   PARCS and COAST II – Close To Covered Stents In The US?
Richard Ringel
    Occlusion Device Studies – Update
     8:30–8:35AM   St Jude ASO – Zahid Amin
     8:35–8:40AM   GSO – Scott Lim
     8:40–8:45AM   NitOcclud – John Moore
     8:45–8:55AM   Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion –
Saibal Kar
     8:55–9:05AM   MitraClip
Scott Lim
     9:05–9:15AM   Medtronic Self-Expanding PV
John Cheatham
     9:15–9:25AM   Advanta V12 Covered Stent – Elchanan Bruckheimer
9:30-11:00AM   Congenital and Structural Interventions Over the Next 15 Years
    Moderators: Dan Levi, Damien Kenny
     9:30–10:00AM   Keynote Lecture: Innovations at What Price…
Sir Magdi Yacoub
     10:00–10:10AM   Imaging and Interventions on the Lymphatic System In Complex CHD
    Yoav Dori
     10:10–10:20AM   Bioresorbable Stents and Occlusion Devices – Progress Over the Next 15 years
Dan Levi
     10:20–10:30AM   Advances in Stem Cell Technology- How It Will Benefit Us
Massimo Caputo
     10:30–10:40AM   Transcatheter Fontan Completion – Initial Experience and Future Advances
John Cheatham
     10:40–10:50AM   Transcatheter Systemic-Pulmonary Shunt In PAH – Will It Catch On?
Dietmar Shranz
     10:50–11:00AM   Treating Heart Failure in the Cath Lab – Applications for Congenital Heart Patients
Thomas Jones
     11:00–11:10AM   Holography – How it will shape Interventions in the next 15 years – Elchanan Bruckheimer
11:10-11:30AM   Break
11:30AM-1:00PM   Paying Attention to Access – The Gateway to the Heart
    Moderators: Dan Gruenstein, Thomas Fagan, Thomas Jones
     11:30–11:42AM   Percutaneous Carotid Access in Infants for Interventional Procedures
Christopher Petit
     11:42–11:54AM   Vessel Rehabilitation – Feasibility and Techniques
Frank Ing
     11:54AM–12:06PM   Acute and Semi-acute Arterial Ischemia Post Catheterization - Etiological Factors and Protocols for Management Howaida
El Said
     12:06–12:18PM   Simple Modifications For Successful Fontan Fenestration
Dr Sivakumar
     12:18–12:30PM   Too Much Metal – Getting Around A Blockade In The Heart
Kevin Walsh
    Debate: Interventional Procedures Pre and Post CPB – There Should Be No Time Limits On Either
     12:30–12:40PM   Pro: Dan Gruenstein
     12:40–12:50PM   Con: Zahid Amin
1:00 - 2:00 PM   Lunch Session - Abstract Finals
    Moderators: Michael de Moor, John Bass, Alex Javois
2:00 - 3:30 PM   Current Controversies in Congenital Heart Interventions
    Moderators: Giacomo Pongiglione, Roberto Cubeddu , William Hellenbrand
     2:00–2:12PM   Palliation In Newborns With Tetralogy of Fallot: Infundibular vs. Ductal Stenting
JV DeGiovanni
     2:12–2:24PM   Complex Aortic Arch Narrowing: Stent vs. Surgical Treatment
David Nykanen
    Transcatheter ASD Closure – The Risk of Erosion With Some Devices Is Just Too High?
     2:24–2:34PM   Pro - John Rhodes
     2:34–2:44PM   Con – Joaquim Miro
     2:44–3:02PM   There is a Place for Transcatheter Closure of Perimembranous and Subarterial VSD's
Kevin Walsh
     3:02–3:14PM   When Should We Close Aorto-pulmonary Collaterals In Patients With A Single Ventricle?
Mark Fogel
4:00 - 5:30 PM   Update on Valve Interventions in Congenital Heart Disease
    Moderators: William Hellenbrand, Reda Ibrahim
     4:00–4:12PM   The Melody Valve Reaches Adolescence. What Lessons Have We Learned and Where Do We Go From Here?
John Cheatham
     4:12–4:24PM   Endocarditis – Is it Valve, Substrate or Operator Driven?
Julie Vincent
     4:24–4:36PM   Update on Next Generation "Native" RVOT Valve Studies
Ziyad M. Hijazi
     4:36–4:48PM   Transcatheter Valve-in-Valve Interventions, Beyond the RVOT:
Doff McElhinney
     4:48–5:00PM   Transcatheter Aortic Valve Therapy, a Primer for the Congenital Interventional Cardiologist
Eric Horlick
     5:00–5:20PM   Taped Case
    Qi-Ling Cao
     5:20–5:40PM   COMPASSION - The Story So Far and Next Steps
    Damien Kenny
2:00-3:30PM   Spanish Breakout Session
    Moderators: Horacio Faella and Raul Rossi
     2:00–2:12PM   Is Fetal Pulmonary Valvulopasty Effective To Achieve A Biventricular Circulation After Birth?
    Simone Pedra
     2:12–2:24PM   PA And IVS: Long-term Outcomes After Neonatal Transcatheter Management.
    Francisco Garay
     2:24–2:36PM   TOF With PA. Role Of Interventional Cardiology In The Current Era.
    Jackie Kreutzer
     2:36–2:48PM   Clinical Experience With Andrastents. Advantages And Pitfalls.
    Jacek Bialkowski
     2:48–3:00PM   Vascular Function After CoA Stenting.
    Carlos Pedra
     3:00–3:12PM   Erosions And Complications After ASD Closure. A LATAM Experience Beyond The ASO.
    Alejandro Peirone
     3:12–3:24PM   Tips And Tricks To Close The Large PDA From Infancy To Adulthood.
    Carlos Zabal
     3:24–3:45PM   PM. Discussion
7:00-10:00PM   PICS~AICS Dinner
    Aria Palms Pool