Saturday Sept 12, 2020

*All times listed CST

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8:00-8:10       Welcome
                         Ziyad M. HIjazi & Damien Kenny
Daily Moderators:         Damien Kenny and Carlos Pedra
Live Case - Session 3 Panelists: Gianfranco Butera, Bharat Dalvi, Makram Ebeid, Raul Rossi, Michel Ilbawi
       8:10-8:45       Hammersmith Hospital, Imperial College, London, UK - Iqbal Malik
       8:45-9:20       Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Columbus, Ohio - Aimee Armstrong, Darren Berman & Brian Boe
       9:30-10:00     Taped Cases - Moderators: Jacqueline Kreutzer, Phil Moore
                     9:30-9:45       San Diego - Howaida El-Said
                     9:45-10:00     UCLA - Dan Levi

9:50-10:20     Break - Industry Opportunities

10:20-11:40    Newer Stuff
                       Moderators: Julie Vincent, Mark Osten
       10:20-10:30       Transcatheter Glenn - Kanishka Ratnayaka
       10:32-10:42       Transcatheter Electrointervention - Robert Lederman
       10:44-10:54       Transcatheter PA Banding with MVP - Dietmar Schranz
       10:56-11:06       VSD Enlargement - Henri Justino (recorded)
       11:08-11:18       3-D Printing Stents - Triona Lally
       11:20-11:30       Tissue Engineered Valves - Massimo Caputo
       11:30-11:40       Questions/discussion
                                 Moderators: Felix Berger and Allison Cabalka

Live Case - Session 4 Panelists: Francois Godart, Brent Gordon,Dan Gruenstein, Levent Saltik, Olivier Ghez, Gurumurthy Hiremath
       11:45-12:20            Hammersmith Hospital, Imperial College, London, UK - Iqbal Malik
       12:20-12:55            Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Columbus, Ohio - Aimee Armstrong, Darren Berman & Brian Boe

1:00-2:00              Break and Industry Sponsored Sessions

2:00-3:30              Interventions on Low Birth Weight Infants (Main Session)
                             Moderators: Thomas Fagan & Bryan Goldstein
       2:00-2:12       Outcomes on VLBW Infants with CHD - Not as bad as we thought? - Patrick McNamara
       2:14-2:26       What Can the Surgeons Offer? - Mark Galantowicz
      2:28-2:40       Ideal Timing for Intervention in a 1kg Infant with Severe PS - Jeff Zampi
      2:42-2:54       Workflow for Percutaneous Carotid Approach - Chris Petit
      2:56-3:08       Hybrid Approaches for LBW Infants - Case Based Presentations of our Learning Curve - Brent Gordon
       DEBATE: 1.7 kg Symptomatic Infant with Tetralogy of Fallot
       3:10-3:20       Percutaneous Approach is Best - David Balzer
       3:20-3:30       Surgical Approach is Best - Pedro del Nido
                             3:30-3:40       Discussion

2:00-3:30pm         PICES Breakout Session
                              Moderators: Ryan Callahan, Gurumurthy Hiremath,Tacy Downing, Wendy Whiteside,
                              Sebastian Goreczny, Brian Boe, Varun Aggarwal

                              Topic "For the First Time" - How to Adopt a New Procedure in the Lab.
                              Business Meeting: 10 min
                              PICES Mentorship award: 10 min
                              Case presentations (15 min each):
                                  Case 1: "T.E.A.M. - Together Everyone Achieves Mitral (Intervention)”
                                                 Allen Ligon, MD; Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital
                                  Case 2: “The 38 year old Virgin – The First Time Accessing the (ECMO) Circuit”
                                                Daniel McClennan, MBBS; University of Iowa
                                  Case 3: “Hybrid TViV-In Through the Side Door”
                                                Nicholas Hayes, BSc, MBChB, MRCPCH; South Hampton General Hospital,Southampton, UK
                              Invited talk (20 min): “Starting a PDA Stenting Program (despite excellent surgical outcomes):
                                      From Our First Unsuccessful Case to Today” - Jeff Zampi, MD; C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital

4:00-5:30              Advances in Imaging for Interventions (Main Session)
                             Moderators: Mario Carminati, Gregor Krings, Aimee Armstrong
       4:00-4:12       Overview of Advanced Imaging to Guide Complex Interventions - Aimee Armstrong
      4:14-4:26        MR and CT: What Do We Need for Cath Overlay? - Sebastian Goreczny

      4:28-4:40       CTA Fusion and 3DRA in Complex PPVI - Tom Fagan
      4:42-4:54       3DRA in Single Ventricle: When is it Worth It? - Darren Berman
      4:56-4:08       Update on Holography and AR/VR - Elchanan Bruckheimer
      5:10-5:22       Expect the Unexpected: Detect and Prevent Coronary and
                             Airway Compression After Complex Biventricular Repair - Gregor Krings
                             5:22-5:30       Questions/Discussion

4:00- 5:30PM       Nursing and Associated Professionals Breakout Session (Breakout)
                            Moderators: Sharon Cheatham & Karen Iacono
       4:00-4:12       Do You Really Need a Biplane-imaging Cath Lab for CHD with Today's Technology? - Darren Berman
      4:14-4:26       Extreme Premie PDA Device Closure: Considerations for Safety and Efficacy - Emily Kish
      4:28-4:40       Cath Lab Staff: Working Effectively With Different Personalities - Taylor Dempkin
      4:42-4:54       It's A New World….The Sterile Cath Lab Environment is No Different Than the O.R. - T. Curtis Alford
      4:56-5:08       How did COVID-19 influence the Cath Lab - Matt Crystal
       4:56-5:08       Do you really need a biplane-imaging Cath Lab for CHD with Today's Technology? - Darren Berman
       5:10-5:22       Are Real Time MRI-guided Cath Labs Ready for Prime Tme? - Ileen Cronin
                             5:22-5:30       Questions/Discussion